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A podcast by contentgroup, GovComms explores our industry through conversation with industry greats, experts and innovators from around the world. Hosted by our Founder and CEO David Pembroke, we share with you insights from our years of experience and through the vast knowledge of our guests. Whether you’re an industry professional or just starting out, this podcast is a must listen.

EP#73 - Embracing complexity

This week on GovComms, we discuss how thinking like a designer can help create strong and targeted communication.

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EP #20: Creating your DIY newsroom

Stuart Howie, author, communications and media consultant, journalist and speaker shares with us insights and strategies from his latest book, The DIY Newsroom.

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EP #19: The evolution of communication and leadership

As one of the leading and most experienced communicators in Australia, Adrian Cropley shares with us the growing functionality of combining communication and business and the role that plays in successful leadership.

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EP #18: How project management can transform your communication strategy

This week we present an exclusive interview with Geoff Fisher, contentgroup’s Client Services Manager, about the application of Phase One and Two of our Content Communication Framework.

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EP #17: Using empathy and storytelling to connect with your audience

TAKE PART IN OUR AUDIENCE SURVEY AND WIN! This week we are excited to release Part 2 of our interview with Robert Rose, a leader in the content marketing space. As well as leading a consultancy firm of his own, most recently Robert Rose was the host of Content Marketing World.

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EP#16: Creating a content strategy to impress your boss

TAKE PART IN OUR AUDIENCE SURVEY AND WIN! This week we are excited to share with you Part 1 of our interview with Robert Rose, a founder, and guru in the content marketing space. Through the release of his book ‘Managing Content Marketing’, co-written with Joe Pulizzi, the concept of strategic ...

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EP #15: Breaking down silos, making room for communication

To let your communication strategy flourish, you need to get everyone involved. In this week’s episode, we talk with leading social media specialist Stephanie McCormick from the Australian Catholic University (ACU) on how to get your whole organisation involved in communication.

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EP #14: Strategic communication and gamification, where two worlds collide

What do you know about ‘gamification’? Or more importantly government gamification? This week on GovComms we talk with Kerstin Oberprieler, a leading expert in the field, about what it means for the future of government communication and audience engagement.

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EP #13: Knowing what your audience wants through effective measurement

FIND GOVCOMMS WHEREVER YOU LISTEN TO PODCASTS In another episode in our solo masterclass series, this week David takes you through the processes of ‘measurement and evaluation’ within the content group Content Communication Methodology and using audience measurement.

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