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EP #110 Communications through the lends of leaders reports


EP #110: Communications through the lend of the leader's reports

On this episode of the GovComms Podcast, contentgroup CEO David Pembroke speaks to Sean Larkins, the Global Director of Capability at WPP Government and Public Sector Practice.

Located in London, Sean has led projects in Europe, the Middle East, and across Australasia where he has helped improve communications functions and strategies.

In this conversation, David and Sean discuss the big changes and challenges that WPP has experienced as a result of the pandemic. The pair also discuss the leaders report released in 2017 that identified a number of structural difficulties within communication as well as a deficit of trust.

Based on Seans discussion surround the leaders report, David questions whether those within government communication areas are exhausted and are they ready to go again when responding to COVID-19? Sean explains that there is a sense of exhaustion throughout the government communication realm and that those specifically in lower tiers of Governments such as city halls and town shires are challenged.

Following on from this, Sean discusses capabilities and how there has been a shift to smaller channels such as social media, user-generated content and streaming services. Sean also emphasises the need to support citizens in making sense of their situation through a sense of facts and security.

The podcast ends with David and Sean chatting about the new leaders report that was released in June through WPP Leaders report, free of charge.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How can we ensure we do not exhaust the communication efforts of those in Government?
  • What communication teams can do to help build and grow their communication reach.
  • How to get to grips with shifts in communication habits such as consumer skipping of ads.


About the Author

Sean Larkins is the Executive Director, Government & Public Sector Practice UK for WPP government and public sector practice.