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EP#142 The 2023 Fast Forward

Wanting to look at the crystal ball of communications?

In this special episode we dive into the future of communications.

David Pembroke, CEO and Founder of contentgroup, who hosts the podcast regularly, sits down with long-time friend Andrew Bell. As they fast forward to 2023, they discuss what may be next for government communications.

"The ambition for communication inside government and the public sector should be to better explain and better listen to people such that there is a greater understanding because ultimately, if there is a better understanding, we can build trust... because that is a challenge. The Edelman Trust Barometer in Australia this year showed that only 52% of Australians trust government institutions." - David Pembroke

Discussed in this episode:

  • Recruitment
  • Why communications should be seen as a long-term career in the APS
  • Meeting the needs of citizens

Transcript for this episode can be found here: EP#142 The 2023 Fast Forward with David Pembroke and Andrew Bell 

About the Author

FOUNDER AND CEO OF CONTENTGROUP | Hosted by our Founder and CEO David Pembroke, we share with you insights from our years of experience and through the vast knowledge of our guests. Whether you’re an industry professional or just starting out, this p...