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Communicating the Benefits of Content Marketing with Russell Sparkman (2015)

In this episode of Govcomms ‘From the Vault’, we revisit a conversation between our host David Pembroke and Russell Sparkman, who is one of the pioneers of global content marketing and a believer in its inevitability. As the Co-founder of FusionSpark Media, Inc., Russell brings more than two decades of expertise to the table, specifically focusing on how content marketing can solve complex challenges in government and non-profit sectors.

The conversation explored the multifaceted benefits of content marketing for public and non-profit organisations. Russell discussed how strategically crafted content can not only engage but also empower citizens.

Established in 1999, FusionSpark Media boasts a diverse portfolio of content initiatives, specialising in sectors such as environmental conservation, public health, and sustainability. With a global presence through offices in the United States and Japan, FusionSpark Media collaborates with a dynamic network of professionals skilled in marketing, PR, digital media, and journalism.

Russell’s versatile role in these impactful projects extends from new business development to content strategy, and even to hands-on content creation through photography and videography.

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