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Communicating Public Health Risks with Clare and Alice Collins (2015)

Are you interested in public health advocacy?

This week on Govcomms ‘From the Vault’, we revisit our conversation with Clare and Alice Collins, a mother-daughter duo who run Insight Communications- a multi-award winning agency specialising in communication management for cause, culture, community and health organisations.


We highlight the complexities surrounding asbestos awareness, including the challenges and strategies involved in educating the public about this often-overlooked health hazard. Clare and Alice discuss innovative approaches to public engagement and awareness campaigns, highlighting the importance of effective messaging in public health initiatives.

As they navigate through their journey in the public health sector, Clare and Alice offer valuable lessons learned from their extensive work in raising awareness about asbestos. Through their case study on asbestos awareness, they discuss the significance of community involvement and government action in tackling such public health challenges.


Discussed in this episode:

  • Utilising a holistic approach in communication through multiple channels.
  • Targeting influential figures for effective public health awareness.
  • Forming key stakeholder partnerships for efficient information distribution.
  • Employing detailed strategic planning for campaign objectives.
  • Applying a 'day in the life' technique for audience engagement.


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