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Strengthening Internal Communication in Government with Rita Zonius (2018)

As communicators, we should all know by now that internal communication is the beating heart of any healthy organisation. Because without it, everything falls apart. And though that may sound scary there are plenty of tools available to introduce smooth internal communication to your department or agency.

In this week's Govcomms 'From the Vault', we look back at our 2018 conversation with Rita Zonius, a communication strategist and consultant based in Australia, where we discussed the deployment of enterprise social media, or large-scale internal communication.

Rita shares insights on various topics related to communication, such as the importance of storytelling, the impact of technology on communication, and the role of leaders in fostering effective communication within their organisations. 

With a rich career in the bank sector, Rita was the Head of Internal Communication for ANZ for more than a decade. One of her biggest achievements was the implementation of an enterprise social network to connect over 60,000 ANZ employees around the world. After leaving ANZ in late-2017, Rita has become a leading consultant in the field and recognised internationally for her work in enterprise social networking. Under the alias The Enterprise Social Engineer she now works with brands around the world assisting them with all their internal comms needs.

Discussed in this episode:

  • What is enterprise social networking and why is important?
  • The increased efficiency from implementing internal social networks
  • Measuring risks and challenges in internal communication
  • Training your team in teamwork, not technology
  • Perfecting internal content, creating an internal narrative.

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