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EP#154: Part 1 - Building Relationships, Government Spokespersons and Pandemic Response

In this episode of GovComms, we are joined by Bevan Hannan, General Manager of the Communications Division at Services Australia.

Bevan shares insights into the nuances of crisis communication during the COVID-19 pandemic, and outlines the strategies and technologies employed by Services Australia to manage public information needs effectively.

Bevan also discusses the challenges and strategies of maintaining team dynamics in a remote and hybrid work settings, and emphasises the importance of a supportive and collaborative culture. He highlights how his team adapted to ensure productivity and engagement despite the distance.

Furthermore, Bevan explores the significant role of government spokespeople in delivering complex information to the public. He stresses the importance of trusted, non-political figures in building public trust and ensuring clear communication from the government.

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Discussed in this episode:

  • Impact of mentorship and networking in Bevan's early career development.
  • Bevan's lessons from transitioning from sports journalism to the public service.
  • Balancing between in-person and remote work for team effectiveness.
  • Evolution of government communication practices pre and post-COVID.


Show notes:


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