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5 Facets of an Effective Facilitation Experience

The appointment of a facilitator is a key decision of stakeholders and can make or break a gathering.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing: A Guide Through The Noise

A free resource developed by Sia Papageorgiou, Managing Partner at the Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence (CSCE) and mental wellbeing consultant Julie Gillespie, strives to assist communication professionals and business leaders to take a leading role in helping their organisations' ...

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Authenticity, government and social media

Those of us who’ve worked in government communications for any length of time have probably had a conversation with someone from Business Area X that started something like “I want to do 12 Facebook posts to tell people about this thing they have to do”.

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Data footprint paves the way for world of stories

It’s a fact. Communicators love finding inventive ways to tell poignant stories – even more so when audience data shows they are hitting the mark.

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Listen: If you’re writing for everyone, you’re writing for no one

Brody Dorland, long time #contentgroupie and founder of content creation and workflow platform Divvy HQ, sits down with Dave Polglase, our Head of Consulting, to talk all things content marketing.

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