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Creating digital personas for your social media

Personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal audience based on research and data. Personas can help...

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Watching videos with the sound off

If you are publishing videos on social media without captions, you may be missing out on reaching a big part of your...

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Posts are up, engagement is down: The reality of Facebook for business

User engagement on Facebook dropped more than 50% while posts have increased 24% (an extra 20,000 per day), in the last...

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The changing landscape of social media for government communication

2018 has been a theatrical year for social media leading to a lot of debates around data collection and distribution,...

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The strategy behind Tourism Australia’s Dundee reboot

Thirty years after his conception, Crocodile Dundee once again sparked hype leading up to Super Bowl LII. It was a...

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Merging your social channels 101

We’re facing a big problem in government communications, and it’s because our governments, Federal, state and local,...

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