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EP #114 It is not just a Gantt Chart


EP #114: It is not just a Gantt Chart

With our first ever GovComms Podcast guest from Iceland, contentgroup CEO David Pembroke speaks to Mike Klein, an internal and social communication consultant with an interest in developing the field of communication leadership through his #WeLeadComms initiative.

Based in Iceland, Mike has worked in a broad range of editorial, communication planning and research roles. Having completed his MBA at London Business school, Mike has authored “From Lincoln to LinkedIn, the 55 Minute Guide to Social Communication,” a manual for mobilizing peer-to-peer communication in communities and organisations. He also owns “Changing the Terms”, which has been recognized as one of Europe’s top PR and Communication Blogs by Communication Director Magazine.


The pair begin by discussing the importance of understanding and expanding your vocabulary.  Stressing that politics and businesses can, and will interpret vocabulary differently.

Mike and David touch on the role of establishing clarity in a meeting from the outset. They also talk about presence and awareness as well as how if you execute with authority and humility, your ‘effectiveness can go through the roof.’

Mike explains #WeLeadComms and how communication leadership is  his focus for the #WeLeadComms Open Conference on September 23rd (Europe and the Americas), October 29 (West Coast) and October 30  (Australia & New Zealand).

To learn more about #WeLeadComms check out their virtual open conference::

Australia and New Zealand:

Europe and the Americas:

The pair end by discussing working remotely and how understanding the organisation you are working with is vital to the level of your effectiveness out of office.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Expanding your vocabulary
  • How to establish clarity
  • The #WeLeadComms initiative and what you can learn from it


About the Author

Mike Klein is a communication consultant with extensive internal and political communication experience, based in Reykjavik, Iceland. A dual US/UK citizen, Mike has lived and worked in seven countries, for major organizations.