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Founded by James Dun and Sing King, Proximity brings together brilliant minds in consulting, legal and commercial to work in collaboration with their clients. Their multidisciplinary approach takes their clients further and enables the delivery of extraordinary and impactful solutions. They are a leading provider of integrated consulting, legal and commercial services to government and large organisations.

Getting Industry Engagement Right

Ingrid shares some practical tips to engage with industry stakeholders, without falling afoul of some key legal and probity requirements.

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Decision making and staying focused

Making regulatory decisions that can adversely affect the rights of others is a tricky business at the best of times. The key to a successful regulatory outcome is staying focussed on the ultimate objective during the decision-making phase.

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Beyond good cop, bad cop: Negotiation strategies and techniques

What should you do if you hit an impasse in negotiations? How do you handle dirty tactics from the other side? What can you do if you are negotiating with someone who is not acting rationally or commercially?

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better business performance

When businesses, including government organisations, become dysfunctional, there are obvious signs: poor press, angry clients, high staff turnover, tricky Estimates Committee hearings, just to name a few. But what can organisations do to improve their business performance?

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Synthetic Media and Deep fakes - The Fallout for Governments

Proximity is an Australian- wide organisation that collaborates with its clients to overcome challenges and achieve excellent outcomes. Proximity's services extend to public and private sector clients with a focus on government and regulated industries.

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