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A communicator’s guide to… cloud technology

You may not know it, but the usage of cloud technology has skyrocketed during 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a...

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Five tips for an effective work email

Whether you use Outlook or Gmail or any email platform in fact, email has become a ubiquitous aspect of the office...

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A Communicator’s Guide To … nudge theory

Nudge theory represents a game-changing tool for communicators seeking to influence their audience. Better...

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6 Tips for Writing in Plain English

The ability to write in plain English is one of the most in-demand skills for communicators.

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A communicator’s guide to… chatbots

A Communicator's guide to... is a monthly blog series tackling the latest trends in technology relate to...

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Misinformation: why is it so hard to get rid of?

If you’re anything like me, you ask yourself the same question every time you open up a news app! Despite widespread...

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Creating digital personas for your social media

Personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal audience based on research and data. Personas can help...

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9 tips for starting and sustaining a successful podcast in 2021

Podcasting is officially a thing again. It came and went and is now back with a bang. As of May 2020, 87% of the...

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