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LEGO Serious Play (LSP) is believed to improve both creative thinking and communication skills, focusing on the development of higher level problem solving skills. Teams must create a scenario with their LEGO and communicate their model to others in the group.

In the video below, Bela Dajka and Ian Andersen explain how LEGO Serious Play (LSP) works. The video is a compilation based on an example session at the European Committee of the Regions for EuropCom 2019. Participants were introduced to LSP methodology and were then invited to design a communication strategy for the integration of migrants and to pitch their campaign proposal to the "mayor" at the end.

The pair explain that the process of LSP takes thinking and communication to a much deeper level. Dajka explains that LSP allows you to "tap into your unconscious and subconscious knowledge" through connecting the verbal and physical (mouth and hands). This connection fosters thought that would otherwise  be ignored when communicating normally. 


The team worked in support of the European Commission's Migration Unit which was looking for ways to help further integration. All inside 90 minutes.

The footage featured in the six minute video compiles the session demonstrating how LSP can be used to improve communication. 

About the Author

Following 35 years of active service at the European Commission, Ian Andersen retired in July of this year. His final role at the European Commission was as Participatory innovation adviser which involved consulting on participatory processes with th...