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Communicating Artificial Intelligence

What is artificial Intelligence

What does AI mean for communication professionals?

Right now, AI is the term on everyone’s lips. It’s fascinating the entire world, including those of us in the communication profession. Just type the words “Artificial Intelligence” into Google’s search engine, and you get almost half a billion results. So, where do you start?

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The AI Playbook for Communication Professionals

Build your AI knowledge and skills

The AI Playbook for Communication Professionals is designed to be your go-to guide on communicating about AI to your organisation’s stakeholders and adopting AI tools in your communication practice. It includes a number of extra insights, tips and bonus content to help you plan your journey with confidence. Use it as a reference point to get AI ready, take a strategic approach to AI and build your learning pathway.

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Communicating AI Research

We can’t afford to wait any longer

The Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence began its Communicating Artificial Intelligence research initiative in 2017, spending close to a year gathering information about artificial intelligence through interviews with subject-matter-experts, secondary sources and focus groups in several countries around the world. This foundational research informed the design of subsequent global surveys.

The inaugural survey Communicating AI was launched in June 2018 and explored what communication professionals knew, felt and were doing on AI and what was needed to be AI-ready.

In March 2019, a second survey Communicating AI: Building the Playbook was conducted to capture what is being tried in communication strategies, aggregate what is being learned and benchmark what success looks like.

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Let Us Help You

Best practice communication training and coaching
for busy professionals

As more and more communication professionals around the world play a leading role in unveiling AI in their organisations and adopting AI tools in their work, you should start to think about the competencies and skills you need to help you on your AI journey.

Our range of on-demand, virtual, face-to-face and in-house training courses provide knowledge, expertise and insights that fit in with your busy schedule and help you take your place as a trusted, in-demand and valued strategic advisor.

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About the Author

Sia Papageorgiou is a multi-award-winning strategic communication leader on a mission to elevate the value and visibility of communication professionals and help them become trusted, strategic, and in-demand advisors. She’s worked with some of the wo...