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Announcing the new and improved GovComms Podcast

Our InTransition Podcast has been sharing insights and innovations in government communication with global audiences since 2015.

Through this major industry transition, we provided weekly insights into the changing landscape and more importantly how to adapt to it.

Each episode has been richly diverse. The transition we were preparing for is now a reality. And you the listeners, have told us what you want to hear more of.

The contentgroup podcast has rebranded to reflect this.

We listened. And here it is.

GovComms. The Future of Government Communication.


What’s new?

With our new makeover, GovComms will continue to deliver the latest insights and innovations in government communication.

With your host David Pembroke, in conversation with industry greats, experts and innovators from around the world, transforming how government connects with and shapes conversation with its’ citizens.

As well as great interviews, GovComms will now also bring you behind the scenes action on emerging partnerships and projects as well as best practices, brought to you directly from our talented team of strategists and content producers.

Resources and insights to help you, government and the public sector, to communicate policies, programs, services and regulations with impact.

Previous episodes from InTransition are archived and still available for you to listen to.

Be sure to subscribe to GovComms, so you catch all our new episodes.


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FOUNDER AND CEO OF CONTENTGROUP | Hosted by our Founder and CEO David Pembroke, we share with you insights from our years of experience and through the vast knowledge of our guests. Whether you’re an industry professional or just starting out, this p...