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It’s a fact. Communicators love finding inventive ways to tell poignant stories – even more so when audience data shows they are hitting the mark.

At this year’s Content Marking World conference in Cleveland, USA this message came through time and time again. One of the attendees was Zontee Hou, a young communications trail-blazer and senior strategist at Convince and Convert. Speaking exclusively with contentgroup, Zontee said studying marketing gave her a love for communicating people’s stories.

“I’m very passionate about helping brands tell their stories and communicating with people about what’s important to them.”

One of the biggest hurdles for those wanting to tell these stories is a want of resources, with so many different technological platforms on offer and other opportunities available.

“Between augmented reality, virtual reality, video, 360-degree video and collages – the way people can express themselves is so diverse and I think that’s actually opening up the ability of a lot more individuals and brands to participate in a way that’s meaningful and powerful.”

In recent years, hard data has been one undisputed tool that companies can learn from to better understand and relate to its audience.

“I always tell people that you don’t become relevant through prevalence, because data allows us to better understand what’s interesting and engaging to them, allowing you to do a lot more,” Zontee said.

“Now you can look at your audience and say my audience is really into sports, or they like more people photos, less animal photos or they’re more interested in blues instead of reds.

“You can actually see what’s resonating with a particular segment of people, and that’s incredible, so I think our ability to collect data on our own audiences is impacting this particular industry right now.”

The senior strategist said she particularly enjoyed GE’s presentation at the conference about how organisations can communicate technical knowledge in a simple, yet emotive way.

“GE shared some examples of how very technical organizations can communicate through the eyes of a child with some of their ads.”

Zontee went on to explain the children featured had parents working at GE and were trying to explain what their parents did for work, bringing an innocence to the advertisement. See the ad here.

“That worldview of the work we do is impacting others, and I thought that was a lovely example of how we can really communicate a very emotional story that then tells a true business story.”

Listen to the full interview with Zontee and
contentgroup Head of Consulting David Polglase below:

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